Friday, 3 May 2013

Unti 27 Digital Image Capture and Editing - Manchester Music History Montage

Digital Montage

How it was made!

I put these 2 images on top of each other and using a layer mask I brought the map of Manchester through the Hacienda writing.

I then added my first picture of Ian Curtis which was a scan.

I then used a brush which I downloaded from the internet.  This brush was of musical notes.  I changed the gradients and adjusted the colours to suit my montage.

I then added text on Photoshop and placed it onto the music notes.  Again I adjusted the colours and gradients to match the music notes.

Again I added a scanned picture of Morrissey, 
but inverted it  using Image > Adjustments > Invert so Morrissey was white and not black so you could see him on top of the map.

I then downloaded a picture of Bez and flipped it using,
Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas Horizontal
so the picture would fit nicely into the bottom right corner.
I had to also use a layer mask to bring him in front of the musical notes.

I added a picture of Ian Brown.
I then decided to change the text that I had put on to something else and also warped it to fit onto the music notes.

At the end I decided to add some starlight to the plain black background

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