Monday, 25 March 2013

David Bailey

David Bailey

David Bailey CBE b 02/01/38 in Leytonstone, London is regarded as one of the best British photographers of all time.  He started his career as a second assistant to David Ollins, he then earned an interview with John French a fashion and portrait photographer.  In 1959 he became John French's photographic assistant and progressed to photographer for John Cole's Studio Five a year later.  He then began a contract as a fashion photographer for British Vogue magazine as well as undertaking freelance work.  Along with Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy, Bailey captured and helped to create Swinging London in the 60s, a culture of fashion and celebrity chic.  The 3 socialised with actors, musicians and royalty and were quickly elevated to celebrity status.  Together they were the first celebrity photographers and were nicknamed 'The Black Trinity' by Norman Parkinson.

As well as fashion photography Bailey also produced album art for musicians and photographed them in his studio.  Baileys image style is black and white and all of his subjects are posed.  One of my favourite images of his is Mick Jagger in his fur hood, which i have recreated in my own way.

in 1964 Bailey produced a box of pin ups which was a box of poster prints of 60s celebs including Terence Stamp, The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Jean Shrimpton, PJ Proby, Cecil Beaton, Andy Warhol and notorious East End gangsters The Kray Twins.  Due to a strong objection to the presence of the Kray's no US edition of the box ever manifested nor was a British second edition ever issued.

David Bailey was the first photographer I had ever heard of and I love his black and white style.  I like to recreate his work through my own studio portraiture.

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